Graphic Procedure (Theme 2)

︎︎︎Sonification, Sound Art, Visual Arts

I created immersive ambient drone music for Kyuha Shim’s AI-driven work Graphic Procedure. The sound was synthesized and composed based on my color-sound sonification system.

Use high quality headphones or speakers for better sonic experience.

Circulation of Placeness from February 1 to June 30 at the media art gallery at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul, Korea

*The official videos, including Theme 1 and Theme 3, will be posted soon.

Visual Artist
Kyuha Shim


Sounds of Mars

︎︎︎Visualization, Sonification
︎︎︎Generative, Interactive

Nasa's recording of "Sound of Mars" was converted into a giant monochrome image and then transferred into sound using a raster-based sonification system I developed. The scanning area automatically moves left and right and up and down over the image area. During this, the sonification resolution can be adjusted from 5x5 to 50x50 pixels and 5 representative colors can be selected to change the tonal character of the sound.

Each pixel has a heavily-processed electric guitar sound. The number of voices increases and the pitch and the phase relationship between each voice change according to the number and color of pixels. Also, the sonification time can be warped vertically and horizontally. This applies granular effects to the sound.


Melting Point: Ebb and Flow

︎︎︎Sonification, Visual Art

A color sonification system was designed for the sound part of Kyuha Shim’s Ebb and Flow. The sonification system consisted of a custom sampler and five analog-voiced synthesizers I newly created, voiced with thousands of pixels near the center of the screen.

Melting Point was planned by Häagen-Dazs Korea and Lotte Department Store and was exhibited at Avenuel Art Hall between October 13th and November 30th, 2022.

Kyuha Shim


Silent Colormatrics


Supernova 7th Dimension presented by Denver Digerati

Silent Screen at the 16th and Arapahoe screen, September 17


Immersive Mindfulness

︎︎︎Sonification, Visualization
︎︎︎Responsive, Interactive

Six users were performed together and an interactive sound from each user’s EEG was transformed into an immersive 360 degree audiovisual experience through 128 multi-layered speakers in the Cube at the Moss Arts Center.

For more information, see the solo demo below.

*Science, Engineering, Art and Design (SEAD) grant award, ICAT, Virginia Tech

Woohun Joo

Woohun Joo, Boyoung Lee

Project Lead
Zach Gould

Thanks to
Tanner Upthegrove (ICAT)
Brandon Hale (ICAT)
David Franusich (ICAT)
Chris Aimone (Muse)
John Sheeran (Muse)