Immersive Mindfulness (Solo Demo)

︎︎︎Sonification, Visualization
︎︎︎Responsive, Interactive

Immersive Mindfulness is EEG-driven sonification for meditation. The sonification engine consists of one four-voice sampler and one custom synth that I designed.

The sampler section plays four choir voices mixed in four different pitches, and the synthesizer section has three components, each with seven voices with different pitches. Each voice has two main oscillators (triangle and square), and the mixing level changes according to the incoming data.

Pitch in the sampler and the synth, the timbre of the synth, the sound modulation level, and the mixing ratio between the sampler and the synth continuously change by my using heart rate, stillness, EEG amplitude, and alpha power from Muse S.

*Science, Engineering, Art and Design (SEAD) grant award, ICAT, Virginia Tech

Zach Gould
Aanu Ojelade

Thanks to
Chris Aimone (Muse)
John Sheeran (Muse)