Immersive Mindfulness

︎︎︎Sonification, Visualization
︎︎︎Responsive, Interactive

Six users were performed together and an interactive sound from each user’s EEG was transformed into an immersive 360 degree audiovisual experience through 128 multi-layered speakers in the Cube at the Moss Arts Center.

For more information, see the solo demo below.

*Science, Engineering, Art and Design (SEAD) grant award, ICAT, Virginia Tech

Woohun Joo

Woohun Joo, Boyoung Lee

Project Lead
Zach Gould

Thanks to
Tanner Upthegrove (ICAT)
Brandon Hale (ICAT)
David Franusich (ICAT)
Chris Aimone (Muse)
John Sheeran (Muse)