Point, Line, and Plane 1 (Beta)

︎︎︎Sonification, Visualization
︎︎︎Generative, Interactive

I conducted five sonification user studies to examine whether people can associate minimalistic shapes with sound with no pre-training. Surprisingly, the correct answer rate for each study was very high regardless of age, educational background, and listening devices.

Point, Line, and Plane is the first artistic audiovisual work based on the same sonification method with the user studies except for colors and the number of the shapes. Additive, subtractive, and waveshaping synthesis are used and the characteristics of the sound range from soft and pad-like sounds to chaotic sounds.

The line-by-line method and the object-oriented method that I newly developed for image sonification were applied to the background and the objects separately, and each object is controllable through MIRA. The sound of each object is spatialized in multi-layer speaker environments or virtual listening environments (i.e., headphones or earphones). Please note that due to the nature of (universal) HRTF-based binaural panners, the spatial sound in the demo video may not be clearly recognizable. 

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