︎︎︎Data Sonification, Instrument Design
︎︎︎Interactive (Gesture-Based)
The Spatial Audio Data Immersive Experience (SADIE) is an immersive data sonification research (NSF-funded) developed at Virginia Tech. This project assessed human aural perception capacity using 128 multi-layered speakers at the Moss Arts Center’s Cube. Layer-Based Amplitude Panning Algorithm (LBAP) and virtual listening space (binaural) were utilized and both models were compared to examine which model helped people feel the direction of sound better. A gesture-based interaction with custom-made motion tracking gloves has been added so that users can interact and play with the sound.

Later, this system became compatible with bone conduction headphones and interaction with reflective markers was further enhanced for real-time gesture-based music performances including LOCUS (photo, video1) and Traces (video2).

Ico Bukvic
Gregory Earle
Disha Sardana

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